The 75 Squadron NZ Association has been collating the history of the four Squadrons and intends on publishing this at sometime yet to be announced.  This will include a concise listing of all those personnel that served on the 75 Squadrons.  The forms on this page are provided for any person who either served on 75 Squadron or is a family member of an airmen that did, so that they can provide the association with as much detail as possible to ensure their history is recorded correctly and properly.  Please print a copy and post to the Secretary of the NZ Association.
A very  important part of acknowledging our special people in their passing, or when complimenting them in print, is the publishing of correct public notices, funeral cards or internet memorium website pages.  Many notices or script can be quite incorrect in terminology and accuracy.  The attached letter has been produced to help our personnel, family or friends with writing such detail.